25th International AES Conference - 17th-18th June 2004 - London, UK

Thursday, June 17 14.30/17.30 - Tutorials - MPEG7 workshop

Coordinator: G. Peeters - IRCAM, Paris, France (in association with SAA TC)


What is MPEG-7, How to get into MPEG-7 ? slides

Geoffroy Peeters
IRCAM - Semantic HIFI, Paris, France

MPEG-7 Audio how to use it ?

Using MPEG-7 Audio Low Level Scalability: A Guided Tour slides

Jurgen Herre, Eric Allamanche
Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen, Germany

MPEG-7 MDS how to use it ?
How to implement MPEG-7 in an application

Managing Large Sound Databases Using MPEG slides

Max Jacob
IRCAM - Semantic HIFI, Paris, France

Storing and searching MPEG-7 Audio ?

Integrating Low-Level Metadata in Multimedia Database Management Systems slides

Michael Casey
City University, London, UK

Example of applications using MPEG-7

Tools for Content-Based Retrieval and Transformation of Audio Using MPEG-7: The SPOff and the MDTools slides

Emilia Gomez, Oscar Celma, Fabien Gouyon, Perfecto Herrera, Jordi Janer, David Garcia
University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

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