What is ASAnnotation?

AS Annotation is an application for the analysis and automated or manual annotation of sound files. It features state of the art sound analysis algortithms, specialized sound inspection tools and can import Standard MIDI files.

Analysis algorithms:

Other annotation methods include: Interactive analysis tools:


ASAnnotation is based on AudioSculpt, a sound analysis and transformation software developed at IRCAM since 1996. In addition to the analysis and annotation features present in AS Annotation, AudioSculpt comes with state of the art sound processing, mostly based on an enhanced version of the phase vocoder. For more information on AudioSculpt, see IRCAM Forumnet


To store and exchange analysis and annotation data, ASAnnotation can use two formats; MIDI for notes and text, and SDIF for all analyses. The MIDI support facilitates the verification, alignment and correction of Standard MIDI Files to soundfiles. SDIF is a specialized format for sound description data, which combines very high precision with efficiency and interchangeability. Numerous other programs support SDIF, such as Max/MSP, OpenMusic, CLAM and SPEAR. A collection of utility programs can be used to convert SDIF files to text. For more information on SDIF, see the SDIF project website

Tech specifications

Requirements: Supported Sound File Types: Supported Sound Description File Types:


ASAnnotation is free for use in non-industrial research and personal study. For commercial use, please contact the IRCAM Analysis-Synthesis Team.


ASAnnotation can be downloaded here: ASAnnotation1.0.dmg

4 oct 2007