Demo of Quality levels for processing with Svp/AudioSculpt module

The notation quality level is more related to objective measures than to perceived quality. I suupose for most of the sound files presented for the different levels you will not hear a difference. Objectively, there is a difference in how much of a signal the software can reproduce, however, are still well below the hearing/masking threshold. Note that the transformations requested are well the extreme positions proposed in the contract. I do not believe that playing a complex music like this example can be mucially convincingly transposed by 1 octave up or down because the percussions will be transposed as well which gives an unnatural result. Still there are no artifacts....

Here for reference the original extract Original Sound File

High Quality (G5)
time/pitch octave down no transposition octave up
compress x0.5 G5_dil_0.5_transp_-1200.wav G5_dil_0.5_transp_0.wav G5_dil_0.5_transp_1200.wav
no dilation G5_dil_1_transp_-1200.wav Original Sound File G5_dil_1_transp_1200.wav
stretch x2 G5_dil_2_transp_-1200.wav G5_dil_2_transp_0.wav G5_dil_2_transp_1200.wav

High Quality (G4 1GHz and above)
time/pitch octave down no transposition octave up
compress x0.5 G4_1GHz_dil_0.5_transp_-1200.wav G4_1GHz_dil_0.5_transp_0.wav G4_1GHz_dil_0.5_transp_1200.wav
no dilation G4_1GHz_dil_1_transp_-1200.wav Original Sound File G4_1GHz_dil_1_transp_1200.wav
stretch x2 G4_1GHz_dil_2_transp_-1200.wav G4_1GHz_dil_2_transp_0.wav G4_1GHz_dil_2_transp_1200.wav

Medium Quality (G4 450MHz and above)
time/pitch octave down no transposition octave up
compress x0.5 G4_450Mhz_dil_0.5_transp_-1200.wav G4_450Mhz_dil_0.5_transp_0.wav G4_450Mhz_dil_0.5_transp_1200.wav
no dilation G4_450Mhz_dil_1_transp_-1200.wav Original Sound File G4_450Mhz_dil_1_transp_1200.wav
stretch x2 G4_450Mhz_dil_2_transp_-1200.wav G4_450Mhz_dil_2_transp_0.wav G4_450Mhz_dil_2_transp_1200.wav