Using estimate

estimate [options] input-file [output-file]

What does estimate do ?

Estimate is a program that allows the spectral envelope calculation of sound files and files of sinusoidal partials. Two methods can be used to estimate the spectral envelope : the discrete cepstrum method, which is applied on a file of sinusoidal partials to estimate their spectral envelope ; the Linear Predictive Coding (LPC) method, which is applied on a signal file to estimate its spectral envelope.
Estimate is available on Unix platforms at Ircam and is called from a command line using the options below :

data type of the input file

Five types of input data file can be used in estimate :

The data type is specified with the -t option : If the -t option is not used, the data type is guessed from the input file extension : .fmt, .format, .sdif, .sf or .aiff.
Remark : the -t option can not be used with an sdif file. An sdif file MUST have sdif extension.
If the -t option is not used, and if the file extension is neither fmt nor format nor sdif nor sf nor aiff, estimate will not be executed.

data stored in the output file

The data which can be stored in the output file are the following :

The following options specify which data are recorded in the output file:

lpc parameters

discrete cepstrum parameters

general parameters