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3. Unix Command-line Interface

call_udi <function> [bdfFsSyYzIOcCkK]
                b : offset into the input data file(s) (default is zero)
                d : number of data elements to read (default is length of file)
                r : number of rows in a matrix
                f : second file name (if needed)
                F : third file name (if needed)
                s : first input scalar (if needed)
                S : second input scalar (if needed)
                y : first input flag (if needed)
                Y : second input flag (if needed)
                z : third input flag (if needed)
                I : input format is ASCII, -In ASCII_N (default is binary)
                O : output format is ASCII, -On ASCII_N (default is binary)
                c : first input increment (default is one)
                C : second input increment (default is one)
                k : third input increment (default is one)
                K : output increment (default is one)


Diemo Schwarz