Analysis/Synthesis Team,
IRCAM 4 Janvier 96

19. Sliding window analysis

Some analysis can be done on a segment with a sliding window. At present time, only energy is implemented. Fundamental frequency and Super Phase Vocoder should follow soon.

A sliding window analysis produces a new signal, such as the energy contour, with a sampling rate usually much lower, such as 100 HZ. You are first asked to click on OK and on the window with the selection that you want to analyse. Then appears the command line which is going to be executed. You may modify the command line if you know what you are doing. Do not modify the result file name. This result file has the .sf-Ircam format and is loaded (as any file "visited" with the "Visit file" menu item) in the active View where you asked for a sliding window analysis.

Exemple of filtering with Super Phase Vocoder.

For the moment, if the active View and the selection View are in the same Frame, the result file is loaded in the selection View, which obliges you to re-dispatch the different buffers among the Views.