Analysis/Synthesis Team,
IRCAM 4 Janvier 96

5.5 Buffer, Channel

A buffer is a structure that contains a signal, such as a sound signal or the result of an analysis. If a buffer is displayed in a view, the name and the path of the buffer appears in the identifier box of the view. Buffers in Xspect can be thought of in the same manner as buffers in Emacs.



When a multiple channel file is visited, the first channel, by default, is pointed at by the buffer. If in a view you want to look at another channel, open the corresponding buffer context (menu item "Buffer" in the "Context" menu) and change the item "channel displayed" to the channel number you want. In this way, different channels can be placed in different views.

Notice: It may happen that the "buffer context" panel is not high enough to display all the items. For instance, the "channel displayed" item, being the last one at the bottom may not appear. In this case, use the mouse to extend the height of the panel until all the items appear.