Analysis/Synthesis Team,
IRCAM 4 Janvier 96

5.7 Selection

A selection is a couple of cursors which defines the begin and end values of a region (or segment), on the horizontal or on the vertical axis.

Note that a selection from abcissa x1 to abcissa x2 appears in color with a white strip at the top and at the bottom. On the contrary, a selection from ordinate y1 to ordinate y2 appears in color with a white strip at the left and at the right.

Several selections can be placed in a given view. Only one at most is active.

A selection can be de-activated (item "Deactivate selection" in the "Marks" menu). Then it appears as its contour only.

A selection has a label which may appear at the top left of the selection. The label of a selection can be changed by using the menu item Label active mark in the Marks menu.