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"Analysis / Synthesis of Sounds Generated by Sustained Contact between Rigid Objects"

authors: Mathieu Lagrange, Gary Scavone, Philippe Depalle,

This paper introduces an analysis/synthesis scheme that aims at reproducing sounds generated by the sustained contact between rigid bodies. This scheme is rooted on a source/filter decomposition of the sound where the filter is described as a set of modal resonances and the source is described as a set of impulses representing the energy transfer between the interacting objects.
Compared to impacts, more sustained contact like rolling and sliding make the estimation of the parameters of the source/filter model challenging mainly because of two issues. First, the objects are almost continuously interacting, making the observation of the modes of the vibrating structures more difficult. The second is that the structure of the source is generally unknown and has therefore to be modeled in a generic way. The proposed analysis/synthesis scheme combine advanced analysis techniques for the estimation of the filter and a flexible model of the source. It allows the modeling of a wide range of sounds. Examples are presented for objects of various shapes and sizes rolling or sliding over plates of various materials. In order to demonstrate the versatility of the approach, the system is also considered for the modeling of various sounds produced by percussive musical instruments.