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Collaboration Gateway (CAD translation system) (Restaurant search engine)

Hub-Plus (Embedded SNMP)

Teleformat (extra high density floppy format)


IISS (E-Commerce software)

FIS (Radar Software system)

Genesis (Smart telephony)



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Collaboration Gateway

I did this project as a software development team member in Proficiency Solutions Ltd. My part was written in Microsoft Visual C++ using the API of the ‘SDRC I-DEAS’ CAD software, under Windows NT.

The Collaboration Gateway extracts design intelligence from proprietary CAD systems (Unigraphics, Pro/ENGINEER, I-DEAS, CATIA) to the Universal Product Representation (UPR) format, where it can be leveraged in a variety of ways. For example, from there it can be passed along to other systems, recreating models while maintaining the integrity of the design. Also, two or more engineers can share models between them, and continue to work with features, history, constraints, etc., without any operational knowledge of the other system.



My business partner and I wrote this E-commerce program in Intervisual Israel, Co.

It allows dealers to manage their own E-shops on the Internet, adding and removing items, managing them in categories and receiving secure orders from clients. 

The client side was written in Java, while the server site was written in ‘C’ and operated in CGI-Bin technology.

This site is a search engine of restaurants in Israel, and was developed in Intervisual Comp. The site allows users to search for restaurants using many categories, get relevant information and print discount coupons.

The graphics design was done using Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. The search engine was written in ‘C’ and operated in CGI-Bin technology.


FIS – Field Implementation System

I wrote the FIS when I worked in STS, Ltd. I developed the software while a hardware engineer made the hardware.

The FIS interfaces a TPQ 36/37 radar and allows it to download programs and maps. It also enables the user to graphically cut and create custom terrain maps for the radar, using a map database and performing conversions among various world coordinate systems.

The program was written in Borland C++ and Assembler 8086 and works under Microsoft Windows.



I wrote this program while working in STS, Ltd. Hub-Plus, a firmware program, resides on a computer card, which is installed into a network Hub. The program enables monitoring and changing the hub’s settings using SNMP or a serial terminal. Most of the program resides on Flash memory, and allows downloading updates of itself by TFTP using SLIP or Ethernet interfaces.

This embedded program was written in ‘C’ and Assembler 80186. For remote debugging and relocation, I used Turbo Debug Remote and Paradigm Locate.



I worked on this program as a team member in STS, Ltd.

The Genesis system works in conjunction with the Toll Patrol Smart Telephony System. It allows graphic monitoring and managing of telephony authorizations of different groups inside an organization.

The program was written using Borland Delphi and Interbase SQL under Microsoft Windows.


COBOL Expander

I wrote this program and did the research as a freelancer, with custom tailored versions for Arad Software, Ltd. and Ort Israel.

This program adds new commands to the RM-COBOL computer language for working with Hebrew and colors. It is a Terminate Stay Resident (TSR) program which monitors the output of COBOL programs to the screen, filtering out special code messages and performing the requested tasks.

The program was written in Assembler 8086.



A graphic Plug & Play program I wrote (including research) allows special extra-high density storage on floppy disks. The program formats diskettes with more tracks and sectors per track than the standard DOS format, reaching up to 233% of the original capacity without using compression. Some highest density formats require the installation of a special resident memory driver.

I wrote the program in Pascal and Assembler 8086, and the driver in Assembler 8086.


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