Mean Time Between Failures

Mean Time Between Failures

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

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Live Recordings

Individual Songs

15.08.2006   Put up 2 more live recordings
06.08.2006   Placard #9 (Live headphone and streaming concert, Paris)
08.02.2006   Live at Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Belfast
06.09.2005   Off-ICMC (Live at the Off-ICMC, Barcelona)
21.07.2005   Placard #8 (Live headphone and streaming concert, Paris)
19.10.2004   Live concert for the launch of the Creative Commons License in France at the Maison des Métallos, Paris
21.06.2004   Live concert at the Fête de la Musique Libre, Paris
01.05.2004   Live concert at the Linux Sound Night on the 2nd International Linux Audio Conference in the ZKM, Karlsruhe
01.04.2004   Changed license to Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
20.10.2003   Live concert at the Réseaunances off festival to Resonances 2003 at Ircam, Paris
12.10.2001   Büro placard #4 (live with Rabbits|Sorrow, Paris)
19.07.2001   Uebertragungsfehler (old song with explanations)
27.04.2001   Reencoded All Faders Max and in variable bit rate (VBR) joint stereo, saves 25% space.
06.03.2001   All Faders Max (harsh noise)
19.02.2001   The Train from Dachau to Sarajevo (old song with new visuals)
02.02.2001   Intralude (noise)
14.05.2000   Scansteps (electronica)

Live Recordings

placard #906.08.2006rough mix - 32:12mp3 ~128 kbps vbr 28.3 MB
noise ambient drone field recordings mechanical toys contact mike surface scrape electronics patch corpus-based concatenative exploration mean time between failures.

MTBF + guest live at the placard #9 festival, La Générale, Paris. Some audience noises picked up by the contact mic on the autoharp.

Diemo Schwarz (as MTBF): autoharp, wind-up toys, e- and a-bow, Max/MSP, cataRT;
Guillaume Boutard (guest): drone guitar

Off-ICMC06.09.2005live - 28:35mp3 ~128 kbps vbr 41.0 MB
MTBF live at the Off-ICMC festival alongside the International Computer Music Conference, Metropol, Barcelona

Diemo Schwarz: contact mic, wind-up toys, various field recordings, Max/MSP, cataRT

placard #821.07.2005live cut - 37:59mp3 ~128 kbps vbr 59.2 MB
MTBF solo live at the placard #8 headphone and streaming festival, gallery Glassbox, Paris.

Diemo Schwarz: inverse stylophone, wind-up toys, Nutella surprise egg shaker, various field recordings, jMax, all clicks and bugs intentional: MTBF = 0.42 seconds.

büro placard #428.07.2001Etagère 1 - 10:17mp3 ~128 kbps vbr
Etagère 2 - 6:17mp3 ~128 kbps vbr
Etagère 3 - 2:20mp3 ~128 kbps vbr
Etagère 4 - 5:28mp3 ~128 kbps vbr
Etagère 5 - 5:36mp3 ~128 kbps vbr
Etagère 6 - 11:16mp3 ~128 kbps vbr
Etagère 7 - 11:05mp3 ~128 kbps vbr
MTBF vs. Rabbits'|Sorrow live at the büro placard #4 headphone and streaming festival (photos!).

Diemo Schwarz (as MTBF): minidisc, effects, analogue synthesizer, stylophone, drum computer;
Sebastien Roux (as Rabbits'|Sorrow): guitar, e-bow, effects

Individual Songs

All Faders Max05.03.20015:20mp3 ~128 kbps vbr
Harsh noise autotherapy with modular analog synth, vocoder, delay, distortion, mixing desk in mutual feedback.
Scansteps14.05.20008:46mp3 ~128 kbps vbr
[working title] [rough preview mix] Take your time to listen.
Uebertragungsfehler29.04.19989:38mp3 ~128 kbps vbr text
Oscillating between harsh computer noise and ambient harmonic stretches with disturbances. Pivots around a fractal sound structure. Read the explanations.
Intralude06.06.19964:33mp3 ~128 kbps vbr
Extended ``Prelude'' from Tales of Insanity by Mental Obsessions. Sculpted out of electronic and acoustic base sounds by the horribly good reverb of Cubase Atari Falcon.
The Train from Dachau to Sarajevo16.05.19964:15mp3 ~128 kbps vbr visuals
Track 8 from Tales of Insanity by Mental Obsessions. See the visuals.

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Creative Commons License
All material on these pages published under a Creative Commons License.

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