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Stefan Tassart has been working at IRCAM in the Analysis/Synthesis laboratory on a PhD work about Acoustic, Signal Processing and Computer Science applied to Music. Break


You'll find here some documents that I wrote when I was preparing lessons or exercices. These documents are provided "as is". Distribute them freely, but don't remove my name (don't take credit for my work), and mark your changes. No efforts will be made for an english translation if noone helps me. Break


Electronic Music in France:

Crystal Lake
A french association devoted to the promotion and the distribution of Electronic and Parallel Music in France

Created and leaded by musicians, Crystal Lake is a meeting point for fans of new, contemporary and electronic music. Through its news-letters and music distribution, Crystal Lake is heavily devoted to synthesizer musics, but is also interested in parrallel musics such as new-ethnic music, minimalism music, or other kinds of music which are classified as Jazz-Rock or New Age. From Laurie Anderson to Steve Roach, from Klaus Schulze to Mike Oldfield, new musics are essentially a melting pot of different influences. Crystal Lake wants to be the more respectfull reflect of these influences.

Electronic Music On The Internet

This site This site is the new main node for everything about Electronic Music in the world.

Musical databases



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