Gestures - Theory

Research on gesture has been carried out in many different fields. However, the specific case of research on gesture as applied to music is rather limited.

We can divide this subject into a few basic categories, including:

1 The first category, instrumental gesture, has mainly been studied by Claude Cadoz - ACROE, Grenoble. Some of his papers are referenced in our online bibliography, accessible from the main page, or from the menu at the bottom of this page.

2 The second category, dance/music interfaces, is rather well-represented; examples can be found in Antonio Camurri's work at DIST, Genova, and in the work of dance companies such as Troika Ranch and Cassiel.

3 References to work in the third category, conductor's gestures, are summarized in Teresa Marrin's MSc. Thesis at MIT.

There are many other gestural categories such as natural gestures, sign language, gestures studied in HCI, etc.

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