Virtual Musical Instruments

So, what is a Virtual Musical Instrument (VMI)?

1 Axel Mulder's 1994 article "Virtual Musical Instruments: Accessing the Sound Synthesis Universe as a Performer", considers a VMI as an instrument capable of mapping any type of physical gesture or mouvement to any class of sounds.

2 Vesa Välimäki and Taio Takala's 1996 article "Virtual Musical Instruments - Natural sound using physical models" (Organised Sound 1(2): 75-86), considers a VMI from a sound synthesis perspective, mainly physical modelling techniques.

3 Philippe Depalle et al. 1997 article "Intruments Virtuels: Les vertues du possible" (Résonance 12, Sept. 97: 5-8, IRCAM) and also Joseph Butch Rovan et. al "Instrumental Gestural Mapping Strategies as Expressivity Determinants in Computer Music Performance", consider a VMI as one in which the gestural interface is independent from the sound synthesis unit (mainly based on A. Mulder's and R. Vertegaal's previous work).

Apart from these definitions, other very interesting articles/reports on virtual instruments include:

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