Degree 0

Corresponds, according to our positive / negative axis, to a simple notice - neither negative nor positive.

User (non offical) reminder examples for Entourage are not put in this category, because they were systematically associated with clock sounds, watch ringing... unless official examples, which are just sounds designed to attract the attention.

Neither are the default OS sounds (like MacOS alerts), which could have took place in -1 as well as in +1 or 0 as well.

You can listen to the samples here or go to the analysis page.

  program provider theme meaning sample
Example 1 Entourage official abstract reminder
Example 2 Entourage official abstract reminder
Example 3 Windows 98 official standard exclamation
Example 4 Windows 98 official robotz exclamation
Example 5 Windows 98 official jungle exclamation
Example 6 Windows 98 official utopia exclamation
Example 7 Windows 98 official musica exclamation
Example 8 Starcraft official abstract transmission