(tested version : 4.3 for Mac)

AOL Instant Messenger is an instant messager ( such as ICQ ). It includes mail services, instant message sendin &, chat window.

Each action is sonified.

the main window
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the chat window
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the mail status
the instant message window
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Sonification is customizable. The changes can be made in the preference window :


Here is the default sonification scheme :

Action Sound name

(lauching / quitting soft.)

Signing on Connecting
Signed on Welcome
Signing off Goodbye
(Message stuff)
Sending a message Send IM
New mail arrives Receive 1st IM
Message arrives Receive IM
(Main window)
Buddy signs on Buddy on
Buddy signs off Buddy off
Blocking a user Block
Warning a user Warn
Warned by someone Warned
(Chat stuff)
Requesting chat Chat text send
Receiving chat request Chat text received
(File transfer stuff)
Proposing file transfer File transferred proposed
File transfer complete File transfer complete
(Talk stuff)
Talk proposed Talk proposed


Audio files are not contained in any archive, but simply put in a sub folder of the application folder :

It is thus easy to associate any sample with any action.

Custom AIM sounds can be found over the internet - see the link page for where to find them.

Here are two sonification schemes proposed by a user called David Texeira (

Scheme 1
Scheme 2
(game inspired - Nintendo Yoshi's Island for SNES)

(lauching / quitting soft.)

Signing on
Signed on
Signing off
(Message stuff)
Sending a message
New mail arrives
Message arrives
(Main window)
Buddy signs on
Buddy signs off
Blocking a user
Warning a user
Warned by someone
(Chat stuff)
Requesting chat
Receiving chat request
(File transfer stuff)
Proposing file transfer
File transfer complete
(Talk stuff)
Talk proposed