ICQ 2.50 Macintosh - January 2001


ICQ is an instant messenger.
It is used to send messages to people listed in the main window. It's also possible to chat with these people or to send them files.

the main window
the preference window


Sonificated actions & corresponding samples - default scheme

All sounds are mono. They are located in an archive file named "ICQ Resources" which is in the same folder as the application.
To edit the archive in order to use custom samples : ???

  sample name sample note
-- messaging --      
New user online knock  
Getting a message uh-oh  
New mail ! bong cuckoo  
Typing a key typewriter key cannot be changed
Deleting typewriter erase cannot be changed
Changing paragraph typewriter bell cannot be changed
-- chat --      
Incoming chat request uh-oh  
Calling chat partner elephant  
-- file transfer --      
Incoming file transfer uh-oh  
Sent file rrrrit