Windows 98 - Edition 2


Sonification here is less complex than MacOS9 sonification.
It is nethertheless interesting, and, as it's more simple, more functional.

Windows 98 edition 2 is sold with several sonification schemes.

1. The default, minimal scheme
2. Four more complete "theme" schemes (jungle, robotz, musica & utopia)
3. 14 multimedia "themes" that contain both graphical (desktop, icons, cursors) and audio themesm

Sonification settings can be accessed with the "sound" control panel.
The samples themselves are located in "C:/Windows/Media".
The multimedia theme samples are in "C:/Program Files/Plus!"
All samples are 16bit / 22k05. Some are mono, some are stereo.

Click here to see how the "sound" control panel looks ans sounds like (click on the yellow HPs).

As in MacOS9, not all possible actions are actually sonified.

The four theme schemes are more complete, funnier and les practical.
They are an attempt from Microsoft to create audio equivalents to desktop themes.

Click here to open a comparison table between the four theme schemes, and the standard scheme.
(warning : this page may take some time to load...)

To check how the multimedia themes look & sound like, click on their corresponding name :

American 60's - Baseball - Computer's heart - Dangerous animals - Leonardo da Vinci - Golden Age
Marine grounds - Mystery - Nature - Science - Space - Sports - Travels - Windows98