The Legend of Zelda for Nintendo 64, volume 2 : "Majora's Mask"
Copyright Nintendo, 1999



The sonification of this game is quite complex, and cannot be exhaustively described.
Even so, it is possible to give basic examples.

Sonification here can be divided in two main categories : "audio sample type" (basic) and "music type" (more complex).
Usual events are "audio sample" sonificated, whereas important ones are "music type" sonificated.


I. "Audio sample type" sonification


I.1. "Get" action examples

This kind of action occurs when the character (his name is "Link") takes an object.
For example, a potion bottle to restore his magic, or a ruby, which is money.

Click here to see a still image of Link having just taken a ruby and running to another one.

Get ruby
Get potion

Click here to watch a Real video which shows Link taking a lot of things on the ground.


I.2 Focusing

Link is always running around rather fast. He is an extremely mobile character.
Therefore, they must be moments when Link is in an "immobile" state, to focus on a given scene which is in front of him.

Click here to see two still images of Link before and during focusing.

After focus, there is a "defocus" action which brings back the character to normal.


There is another focus action, which consists in focusing on a moving enemy.
Then, the enemy stays in view whatever happens.

Click here to see a still image of Link focusing on a green blob.

Focusing on an enemy

In the video in which Link takes objects on the ground, there is also an "enemy focusing" action.


I.3 Getting a solution

Link is often confronted to problems (ex : opening a door), the solution of which is often complicated, needing a logical and often long course of actions.
The solving of the problem is sonified.


Click here to watch a Real Video at the end of which Link manages to open a door.


I.4 The lens of truth

Link possesses a "lens of truth", which permits him to see invisible things.
For examples, in these still images, one can see a giant appearing in the background when the truth lens is activated.

The truth lens activation / desactivation is sonified.


In the video in which Link manages to open the door, there is a short truth lens apparition : watch the horizontal stone briefly appear and disappear.


I.5 The game menu

Link carries along a great load of items. All these items can be selected using a sonified, multipage menu.
Click here to see a still image of the menu.

Opening menu
Switching pages
Switching items
Choosing item
Choosing important item
Closing menu

Click here to watch a Real video in which the menu is activated.




II. "Music type" sonification


II.1. Getting important objects

Once Link has solved many problems such as opening doors, fighting disgusting enemies, or finding his way into labyrinths, his reward often consists in useful and precious items.
The finding of such items is always sonified.

Here are short pieces of music corresponding to the finding of the following items :
* A heart container (adds more life)
* An ocarina (to play powerful tunes)
* A mask (obviously magical)
* A medallion (an honorific and worthy reward)
* A spiritual stone (everyone knows spiritual stones are not to be found on the street)

Get heart container
Get ocarina
Get mask
Get medallion
Get stone

There are also "generic" but important objects that must be found regularly at specific moments.
These items are often found in treasure boxes. Here is the corresponding sonification :

Open treasure box
Get small item
Get item

Click here to see a Real video at the end of which Link finds a very important stone ("Get item" sonification)

At the beginning of this video, one can also see Link speaking with a friendly character - note the corresponding "audio sample type" sonification.


II.2 "End of stage" sonification

When all the problems that take place in a certain dungeon or location are solved, this particular stage is considered as "cleared".
The inverse action also exists : an event failure.

Event clear
Event failure (1)
Event failure (2)

At the end of each important dungeon, Link has always to fight a particularly mean and ugly enemy, called a "boss".
Defeating the boss is musically codified as follows :

Boss clear

There are also less important stages that may be cleared, typically races. A victory in such races is codified as follows :

Horse race goal
Goron race goal

And as in any game, there is the traditional event :

Game over