Classification structure changes to make


Chapter IV ( " Conclusions 1 : category summary" ) proposed a sample classification, with each category summed up in terms of morphological informations.

In the light of the MPC study, we feel inclined to modify this classification - based on the following conclusions :


* Change 1

Along with morphological infos, the inclusion of images and simple expressions in the profile would be a good thing, to quickly give an overall idea of the category.


* Mail in and feedback degree +1

In the chapter IV classification, "mail in" samples were counted as "feedback degree +1", without further hues.

However, we can see that, despite the fact that "mail in" samples can still belong to the category "feedback degree +1", a few little differences, such as the melodic profile, makes us think that an independant "mail in" category should be created as a sub category of "feedback degree +1"

Other sub categories of "feedback degree +1" could be : "aknowledgement of a usual action" - "alert : end of a little problem".


* Feedback yes and feedback degree +2

Same kind of conclusion as the previous one : the "simple feedback yes" category should be created as a subcategory of "feedback degree +2". Same thing with a new "mail out" subcategory.


-> Anyway, "feedback degrees" are indeed functional but not precise enough. Subcategories should be created. <-