How to encode Real audio & video

There is only one application that can encode Real audio & video : until recently, it was called Real Producer, now it seems to be called Helix Producer, at least for Windows.

This application exists for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris platforms.
It comes in two versions : "free" and "plus", which means "complete".

The free version is a limited version, but it doesn't work like a shareware : no expiration time.
The limitations are, in short : one can choose certain bitrates, but not all of them - and multiple bitrate encoding inside one single file is limited to two possible bitrates.

For those who are interested in the subject, it isn't possible to convert a limited version into a complete version just by entering a serial number - it is necessary to download the complete version and to enter a serial number. Finding a hacked complete version for Windows is not always easy, and if you own a Mac, it is very difficult.

Here are the links to the free versions on the Real site :

Helix Producer free version ( Windows )
Real Producer free version ( Mac )