MP3 audio at different bitrates

Get the original stereo PCM files :
PCM 16bits 11k025 St. (881Ko)
PCM 16 bits 22k05 St. (1762Ko)
PCM 16 bits 44k1 St. (3515Ko)

All encoded files from 16b 44k1 stereo PCM.

As instant playback may not be possible (too high bitrate), each file can be downloaded for later playback; to do so, please "save source as..." on each sound file.

MP3 audio encoded with "DropMP3" macintosh software using LAME codec library.

audio playback: Real Player as a plug-in

32 kbs stereo (16kbs/channel)
32kbs mono
48 kbs stereo (48kbs/channel)
48 kbs mono
64 kbs stereo (32kbs/channel)
64 kbs mono
96 kbs stereo (48kbs/channel)
128 kbs stereo (64kbs/channel)
192 kbs stereo (96kbs/channel)