QuickTime 4&5 Codecs

Get the the original stereo PCM file :

PCM 16 bits 44k1 St. (3515Ko)
PCM 16 bits 22k05 St. (1762Ko)
PCM 16 bits 44k1 St. (3515Ko)

audio playback: QuickTime as a plug-in

All encoded files are mono and
made from mono PCM.

Please wait for the audio examples to load. Each file can be downloaded for later playback; to do so, please "save source as..." on each sound file.


Older codecs
Older codecs used by QuickTime, such as uLaw, ALaw, IMA and MACE are quite inefficient, and produce very big files; thus, audio examples of older codecs are not available from this page.
QDesign Music 2
PCM16b11k then QDesign2 - 12kbs
PCM16b11k then QDesign2 - 24kbs
PCM16b22k then QDesign2 - 24kbs
PCM16b22k then QDesign2 - 48kbs
PCM16b44k then QDesign2 - 48kbs

Qualcomm Pure Voice

PCM 16b44k then PureVoice full rate 44kHz - 9.5kbs
(highest bitrate available !)