Real Audio Codecs

Get the the original stereo PCM files:
PCM 16bits 11k025 St. (881Ko)
PCM 16 bits 22k05 St. (1762Ko)
PCM 16 bits 44k1 St. (3515Ko)

All encoded files from 16b 44k1 stereo PCM.

encoding : Real Producer 8 Mac-- audio playback: Real Player as a plug-in

As high bandwidth codecs may not work with your connection, with Real Player buffering over and over, you may download the files for local playback, by "saving target as...." on their name.

"RA8" codecs are recent ones that work only with Real Player 8 and Real Producer 8, but not with Real Player G2 (7) and Real Producer G2 (7)

"HR" codecs are "High Response" codecs, that means that the PCM audio is resampled to a higher sampling frequency prior to applying the Real Audio perceptual compression codecs.

The comparison between the Real Player 7 32kbs stereo codec and the Real Player 8 32kbs stereo codecs shows that the new RA8 codecs sound indeed a good deal better !

Same remark concerning the difference between the v7and v8 96kbs stereo music codecs - less obvious - listen to the hi hat.

6.5 kbs voice
8.5 kbs voice
16kbs voice
32kbs voice
64kbs voice
6 kbs mono music
8 kbs mono music
11 kbs mono music
16 kbs mono music
20kbs mono music
20 kbs mono music - HR
32kbs mono music
32 kbs mono music - HR
44kbs mono music
64kbs mono music
12 kbs stereo music - RA8
16 kbs stereo music - RA8
20kbs stereo music
20 kbs stereo music - RA8
20 kbs stereo music - HR - RA8
32kbs stereo music
32 kbs stereo music - RA8
32 kbs stereo music - HR - RA8
44kbs stereo music
44 kbs stereo music - RA8
44 kbs stereo music - HR - RA8
64kbs stereo music
64 kbs stereo music - RA8
96kbs stereo music
96 kbs stereo music - RA8
105 kbs stereo music - RA8
132 kbs stereo music - RA8 (ATRAC3)
146 kbs stereo music - RA8 (ATRAC3)
176 kbs stereo music - RA8 (ATRAC3)
264 kbs stereo music - RA8 (ATRAC3)
352 kbs stereo music - RA8 (ATRAC3)