Windows Media Codecs

Get the the original stereo PCM files:
PCM 16bits 11k025 St. (881Ko)
PCM 16 bits 22k05 St. (1762Ko)
PCM 16 bits 44k1 St. (3515Ko)

encoding : Windows Media Encoder 7.1 PC
audio playback : Windows Media Player as a plug-in

All encoded files from stereo 44k PCM.

Examples using the embedded player will stream.
If your connection speed is not sufficient, you can download the example by "saving as..." on the example name.

NB : "f.r. 16kHz" means "the sample's frequency response is 16kHz"
In other words, the audio is resampled prior to encoding to a 16kHz frequency.

"Windows Media Audio v8" codec
16 kbs mono (f.r.16kHz)
32 kbs mono (f.r. 44kHz)
32 kbs stereo (f.r. 22kHz)
32 kbs stereo (f.r. 44kHz)
48 kbs mono (f.r. 44kHz)
48 kbs stereo (f.r. 32kHz)
48 kbs stereo (f.r. 44kHz)
64 kbs stereo (f.r. 44kHz)
96 kbs stereo (f.r. 44kHz)
128 kbs stereo (f.r. 44kHz)
160 kbs stereo (f.r. 44kHz)
192 kbs stereo (f.r. 44kHz)
"" voice codec
6.5 kbs mono (f.r. 8kHz)
16 kbs mono (f.r. 16kHz)