Network Connections

It is highly desirable that the G4s have access to the internet. Among the possible configurations are:


Configuration A would be necessary if, for example, there were only one local net connection available in the machine room. If configuration A is used, the speed of the local local net connection must be known in order to determine the appropriate hub. Ircam can supply a 10kbit/s hub; a 100kbit/s hub is more difficult.

If Configuration B is used, no hub is necessary.

It the happy event that an internet connection is possible, a temporary account on a local linux machine would be desirable, to permit logging on to Ircam machines using ssh.

This is an empty table representing the information needed for setting up the G4s before plugging them into the local net.

IP Address G4 #1                                         
IP Address G4 #2 
Subnet mask  
Router address(es)  
Name server address(es)  
Domain name(s) 

Depending on the complexity of the local network, an "appletalk zone" may also have to be specified.