Equipment Placement

The "machine room" used to be just a sound-insulated box for a couple of tape recorders. For this experiment it would be nice to have something rather bigger. Due to limitations in cable length between the noisy bits (the G4s) and other equipment, the best solution involves putting quite a lot of the equipment in the machine room, as well as the experimenter who controls the recording of the experimental data.

If this solution is not feasable, all kinds of exotic, marginal solutions could be entertained, at least in theory.

To help plan how to cram all this stuff into the machine room,
here's a somewhat abstract sketch of how the equipment will be physically laid out.

The "computer music stuff" is typically one tall rack, with cables snaking out in various directions.

If there is room, I prefer to spread the equipment out pretty much the way it's drawn, but it can be stacked or racked or shelved (depending on the machine room constraints and the furniture available). Stacking the Atomic Pros makes for a particularly clean cabling setup, but the possibility of malfunction due to heat buildup should be avoided, by keeping the room cool and/or using spacers to separate the stacked Atomic Pros 1 cm or so.

Among the items not pictured are a host of power cords, multiple-outlet boxes, table(s) chair(s), waste basket, etc.

Also not pictured are the TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, waterbed, Jacuzzi, etc.