Concurrent vowel perception data

This page provides stimuli and response data for a concurrent vowel identification experiment. Its purpose is to provide raw data to help in the development and evaluation of models of vowel perception. The stimulus set includes a wide range of conditions: Among these conditions, those for dF0=0 are probably the most useful for testing a model of perception of competing vowels. Responses for each condition can be compared with the spectral envelope (or excitation pattern) for that condition. All vowels were synthesized with the same "random" phase spectrum, which simplifies the calculation of the spectral envelopes of the compound (double vowel) stimuli. A full description of the experiment, and a detailed discussion of the results is available in:
   A. de Cheveigné (1999).  "Vowel-specific effects in concurrent vowel
   identification," J. Acoust. Soc. Am. (accepted for publication)  
Data and scripts are provided "as-is", with no guarantee of correctness or support. I am however interested in any bug reports. Should you use the data for any useful purpose, please include acknowlegement to myself, CNRS, and ATR Human Information Processing Research Laboratories.