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The activities of PECA

This year we would like to realize the following projects:

1) the creation of a web site. This web site includes a presentation of the research topics and teams in the Paris area and a data base of articles and references, sound examples and tutorials. We want to set up a mailing list for the communication between researchers in PECA.

2) continue our monthly reunions in the form of workshops hosted by specilalists in various disciplines.


4) the organisation of a training on the modelisation of auditory processes, animated by two membres of PECA, Christian Lorenzi et Daniel Pressnitzer.

We also have plans for the coming years:

5) the organisation of a training on temporal organisation in 1999.

6) the organisation of a training on the audition and education in 1999. The training will be accompanied by graphics, sound examples, demonstration and downloadable software on the PECA web site.


8) continue the yearly academy, the Journées d'Etudes Françaises de la Psychologie de la Musique.

The Journées d'Etudes Françaises de la Psychologie de la Musique

The academy takes two days during which the participant can present their current work and can participate at workhops. Recent years we have had a lot of success with our academy and we have seen the development in France of a community interested in our research topic. This has the contacts and communication between researchers in various fields of interest (psychology, acoustics, neurosciences, neuropsychology, musicology, ethnomusicology, computer science, etc.).

Previous academies were held at:

La Hercerie, 19-21 mai, 1995
La Hercerie, 3-5 mai, 1996
Bréau, 23-25 mai, 1997
Bréau, 7-9 mai, 1998

The PECA Workshops

"La théorie générative de la Musique de Lerdahl et Jackendoff", Emmanuel Bigand.

"Towards a theory of the principle monaural pathway: pitch, time and auditory grouping", Neil Todd, Université de Manchester. Abstract (English) .

"Cognitive bases of music performance", Caroline Palmer, Université de l'Etat de l'Ohio, USA. Abstract (English) .

"Tracking rhythmic structure in real time", Edward Large

"I Can't Get That Song Out of My Head: Is memory for music relative or absolute?", Daniel Levitin, Stanford University. Abstract (English) .

"Improvement over time in memory for melodies", Jay W. Dowling, l'Université de Texas à Dallas

"Perception de la musique et imagerie cerebrale", Mireille Besson, CNRS-CRNC, Marseille. Abstract (French) .

"Ecoute active a SONY CSL", Francois Pachet, Sony Computer Science Lab, Paris. Abstract (French) .

"Perception de la musique et imagerie cerebrale 2", Mireille Besson (CNRS-CRNC, Marseille) et Hervé Platel.

"The Fourth Dimension in Hearing: Auditory Images of Music and Speech Sounds", Roy D. Patterson, Centre for the Neural Basis of Hearing, Univ. of Cambridge.