1. Lisp as a second language,
  2. composing programs and music.
  3. Peter Desain and Henkjan Honing
  4. Chapter III
  5. Object-Oriented Style II
    1. Draw
    2. Time dependent transformations
    3. Searching through part-of structures while maintaining onset times
    4. Mapping and onset times
    5. Before and after methods
    6. Drawing and the window system
    7. Changing structure
    8. Maintaining graphical consistency
    9. Applying transformations to parts of musical objects
    10. Introducing multi-methods
    11. A window with a selection
    12. Multiple inheritance
    13. Binding our own programs to existing menu commands
    14. Binding commands to our own menu and control keys
    15. multi-methods, method combination and multiple inheritance combined
    16. Showing structure
    17. Making selections visible, around method
    18. Making musical objects mouse sensitive
    19. Definitions made
    20. Literature references made
    21. Glossary references made
    22. To do