This tutorial is a collection of musical examples realized on the OpenMusic environment presented in a progressive way in order to help the user in building OpenMusic patches by himself. That is why we have choosen to create multiple examples in different musical styles and languages. We have also decided to present it under html format for many practical reasons. One of these is hypertext that will enrich the learning potentiality through many links and references throughout the document. Another reason in choosing this format was to englobe all OpenMusic's documentation in a whole package with the possibility to link it directly in the future to the environment itself. OpenMusic's Reference Guide, Documentation and the Quickstart will form a whole document with this tutorial enabling the user to surf through this vast documentation.

Some of these examples were part of the first OpenMusic tutorial written by the composer Jaccobo Baboni that we would like to thanks for letting us use them, as we found them very instructive and enriching. Other examples were made by ourselves. All these sources are mentionned below.

At last but not least, we would like to thank a lot all the RepMus team Gerard Assayag and Carlos Augusto Agon, creators and conceptors of OpenMusic for their precious help, invaluable support and encouragement. Special thanks also to the composer Markus Buser who had the patience and the kindness in proof reading our tutorial.



Karim Haddad and Mikhail Malt

Tutorials sources by K. Haddad, M. Malt, J. Baboni-Schilingi.

Warning: due to some successive reorganizations in the Tutorial patches, the name of the paches referring to other tutorials (tutorial_n) in the screencatch pictures may not always correspond to that in the text (or to the actual reference). The references should be up-to-date in the text.