MidiShare Ports Setup


Since MidiShare 1.80, the drivers are separate components. They can be dynamically loaded and unloaded, as any other MidiShare client application.

Slots and port connections

Each driver is declaring input and output slots, corresponding to the supported input and output ports. For example, the Serial Driver declare 2 slots named 'Modem' and 'Printer', corresponding to the Macintosh modem and printer serial ports. The Quicktime driver declare a single output slot named 'Quicktime GM Synth'.

To send or receive from the drivers, an application should be connected to MidiShare. Routing the events stream to the slots is done using connections which operates like inter-application connections :

The Drivers Manager

The Drivers Manager is a MidiShare client application used to setup the connections between MidiShare ports and driver slots.

The user interface is similar to msConnect : on the left are the input slots, on the right the output slots and on the middle, a 16 X 16 matrix which represents the 256 MidiShare ports. Ports outlined in blue color are busy ports (ie ports which are connected to at least one slot), the others are free ports (ie ports which are not connected to any slot).

The information zone dynamically indicates the following:

Making or breaking a connection

First click on the ports matrix to select a target port: the selected port become red and you enter into editing mode : the window is framed in red, the slots currently connected to the selected port are highlighted and you can select or deselect a slot in the output or input list. To leave the editing mode, click again on the selected port.

Information mode

Outside the editing mode, you can select a slot to see all its connections in one glance. The connected ports are then displayed in green. To change a connection, you should first return in editing mode.

To get more information about MidiShare please go to the MidiShare Web pages.

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