Augmented Violin 
Tuesday, February 14, 2006, 10:52
In early 2004, we started working on an augmented violin. The hardware basis of this project lays in the work made at MIT by Tod Machover, Joe Paradiso and Diana Young for HyperInstruments.

The goal was to have our own augmented bow with acceleration sensors and bow positionning system in order to focus on the data stream for bowstrokes recognition. Nicolas Rasamimanana is a PhD student whos thesis focuses on this field.

This project is partly sumarized here.
You can also have a look to the article we submitted for NIME 06.

Up to now, I've built two prototype of the augmented bow. The first generation had a carrier sharing wireless transmitter in order to have several bows using the same channel during a performance. This device was abandonned due to its size and was replaced by a Linx one in a lighter and smaller second prototype. Single channel, therefore enabling only one bow at a time, we are now moving to a bluetooth version of the bow.

Our first prototype

The last prototype

Nicolas Leroy has also made a reflective optical pickup for the violin that measures each string individually. The resulting audio signal, even if not meant to be used musically, will be very usefull to improve score following and gesture recognition algorithm by knowing which string(s) is played. His work is presented on his page