Perceptual Test on Sound Texture Generation

Perceptual Test on Sound Texture Extension

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This is a perceptual evaluation of sound texture synthesis methods. It is strongly recommended that you use a headphone for the test.

Please rate the test samples against the original according to the two criteria below:

Audio Quality: Similarity to the Original Scene:
Presence of artefacts in the examples, such as abrupt loudness or timbral changes, cuts, repetitions, loops, sound distortions, etc... Could the example sound credibly replace the original sound in a virtual reality or video game scene without changing the atmosphere?
0-19 Bad: Heavy artefact, very annoying. 0-19 Very dissimilar: No similarity, a different scene.
20-39 Poor: Moderate artefact, annoying. 20-39 Somewhat dissimilar: The sounds are not alike.
40-59 Fair: Minor artefact, slightly annoying. 40-59 Somewhat similar: The sound may replace the original.
60-79 Good: Small artefacts, but not annoying. 60-79 Quite Similar: The sounds are alike.
80-100 Excellent: Minimal or no artefacts. 80-100 Very similar: The sound could replace the original without being noticeable.

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