Analysis/Synthesis Team,
IRCAM 4 Janvier 96

12. Visit file / Replace by visiting

The "Visit file" menu item in the "File" menu of a window allows you to load a sound file in a buffer then it appears displayed in the Window/Frame.

For sound file input, Xspect now uses the Audio File Library. Therefore all the format supported by this library are available. Ircam sound files (.sf) are supported: Short and float sound files from any machine (i.e. big and little endian formats) are supported.

Usual AIFF and AIFF-C sound files not compressed are also supported, as well as WAV and SND formats.
Files with other formats can be examined and analysed provided that that the correct "Raw Sound File Format" is set.

If the file is already in a buffer, the corresponding buffer is used.

But if you have changed the file in the meanwhile, then you need to kill this buffer (pointed at by the active view) and to create a new one with the new content of the file.
This is done by the "Replace by visiting" menu item in the "File" menu.