Analysis/Synthesis Team,
IRCAM 10 Septembre 98

17. Options

All the Motif/Xwindow mecanisms of ressource can be used to customise your xspect. Some options can be changed interactively by using the item " options " in the menu " context ".

Some options can be given as arguments on the command line.
Command line options can be listed on line by typing:

xspect -h.

Command line options are as follows.

  	-/+askBeforeExit 		ask for a confirmation before exiting.
  	-audioDisplay 			name of the display where to play sound (:).
  	-/+autoPlaceWindow 		ask if a view has to be created.
  	-buttonBarSize integer		size of the vertical and horizontal button bars.
  	-/+createViewWarning 		ask if a view has to be created.
  	-/+firstViewCreated		start a frame with an empty view.
  	-fm font			font for menu bars.
  	-fileFormat string			file with the sound file format.
  	-frameActiveShadowType color	shadow type of the active frame widgets.
  	-frameShadowType color		shadow type of the other frame widgets.
  	-frameActiveBkgColor color	color of the active frame widgets.
  	-frameBkgColor color		color of the other frame widgets.
  	-idActiveBkgColor color		color of the active identifier widgets.
  	-idLeftPosition			position of the left size of the view identifier.
  	-idBkgColor color		color of the other identifier widgets.
  	-margin[T,B,R,L] integer	margin at, respectively, (T)op, (B)ottom, (R)ight
  					  and (L)eft of the signal drawing.
  	-maxSecVerify float		number of seconds on wich peak amplitude
  					  will be verified, all the samples if 0.
  	-maxSecScreen float		number of seconds to be displayed on
  					  the firts page.
  	-mode string			mouse mode:
  					  mixedMode, selectionMode or signalMode.
  	-nColors integer		maximum number of color used by the application.
  	-openFilesIn string		when several files are on the command line,
  					  they will be displayed in different objects:
  					  views, frames, or windows.
  	-/+rawWarning			warn if visiting a raw file.
 	-/+selectionQuestion		ask for the frame which is containing the selection to analyse.
	-sfDir string			sound file directory (proposed when loading or saving files).
	-/+signalFullPage		automaticaly display the page with signal
					  in it's maximum amplitude.
	-/+splitPercent		size of the first child frame in percentage of splited frame size.
	-/+watchBufferLimits		watch the buffer limits when move, zoom, etc..
	-zoomMode			zooming mode:
					  left, right, centred or selectionCentred.
	-/+ privateColormap	        Launch with the private colormap.
	-menuBarColor color		Color of the menu bar.
	-buttonColor color		Color of the button widgets.
	-nbSamplesBeforeWarning nb	Maximum number of selected samples for an analysis without
                                        asking a confirmation
        -dBLimitForDisplay int          depth of the minimum amplitude value in the sonagram 

- and + respectively means true ans false option