Analysis/Synthesis Team,
IRCAM 4 Janvier 96

3. Read this first

Some of the main activities when using Xspect are as follows:

To examine a sound-file, you " Visit" the file by using the "Visit file" item in the "File" menu. This creates a so called Buffer that points on that file and has the same name as the sound-file, and the sound-file signal is displayed in the window, more precisely in the "Frame" (also called "Frame") in the window.

Then you may want to examine another sound-file or the spectrum of a portion of a sound-file. For this, it is useful to divide your window (more precisely the frame) into two Frames, one for the first sound-file, the other for the second sound-file. or spectrum. You divide your frame by using the item "Split frame horizontally" or "Split frame vertically" in the "Frames" menu ( Split frame vertically, Split frame horizontally Then you can work in one or the other Frame.

You can always modify the respective sizes of the different Frames in a window by clicking just between two Frames and dragging; this is a little difficult and flacky but, if you move the mouse slowly, it works ok finally.