Analysis/Synthesis Team,
IRCAM 4 Janvier 96

7.1 Left Button in a Frame

- Simple click, i.e. press and release without moving the mouse. While the left button is pressed, the value of the location of the cursor appears in the Identifier Box. of the active view, i.e. the x value if shift is not pressed or the y value if shift is pressed. This places a cursor at the location of the mouse. If shift is not pressed, a vertical cursor is placed, if shift is pressed during the click, a vertical cursor is placed.

- CTRL-click, i.e. press CTRL and click left button. It renders this Frame active without changing cursor or selection.

- Press, drag (i.e. move) and release. This creates a selection from the location where left button was pressed to the location where it is released. If shift is pressed during the press-drag-release, the selection (i.e. the selected zone) is the one between the two locations on the y axis. The minimum and maximum values of the selection appear in the Identifier Box during the mouse drag.