Analysis/Synthesis Team,
IRCAM 4 Janvier 96

8. Mouse Click, Paste and Drag in an Identifier Box

A left button click in an Identifier Box. renders active the corresponding view and its Frame.

A left button drag in an identifier box selects and copies the corresponding character string as usually in Xwindow.

A middle button click in an identifier box, as usually in Xwindow, pastes a previously copied character string. If this is the path of a file, and if no other character remains in the box, this file is visited in the same way as with the "Visit file" item in the "File" menu. Take care not to let other characters remaining in the box.

A right button press in an identifier box shows the menu of all the buffers already known in Xspect.
If you select one of these buffers, it is attributed to the active view and displayed.