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I was born in Santos, Brazil in 1977. After spending a year in Finland as an AFSer, I went on to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Campinas (Unicamp), where I did my first undergraduate research project at the Nucleus for Interdisciplinary Sound Studies (NICS). I obtained the BSc in 2004 from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (FEEC), where I majored in Audio Engineering. In 2006 I obtained my MSc degree in Computer Engineering applied to Music Technology after I developed a project between the NICS and the Laboratory of Bio-Inspired Computing (LBiC). I am presently a PhD student with the Analysis/Synthesis Team at Ircam, where I am working under the supervision of Xavier Rodet. My thesis is about morphing musical instrument sounds guided by perceptually motivated features. I was awarded the best presentation prize at ICMC 2010 and I have been invited to give guest lectures about sound morphing at universities and research centers.

My research gravitates around applications of Audio Signal Processing in Computer Music and Sound Perception. I am specially interested in investigating and exploring the use of paradigms of Computational Intelligence (Bio-Inspired Algorithms such as Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computation) in problems that include algorithmic composition, sound analysis and synthesis, psychoacoustics, and timbre research. A very interesting result of my PhD research is the investigation of timbre spaces and the sonic continuum. That is, the morphed sounds represent hybrid musical instruments in timbre spaces, filling the voids between traditional acoustic musical instruments. The results could be used to study timbre perception, in music composition (exploration of the sonic continuum), and in music technology oriented applications, such as synthesizers.

I have been actively involved with music from an early age. I studied classic piano for four years, when I had my first contact with music theory and practice. Since my teens I have worked with electronic music as performer and producer/composer. I was part of experimental music projects and acts, ranging from turntablism to more conventional forms of musical expression. My work has been broadcast and my live performances executed in a variety of venues.




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