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4   Compilation

4.1   Using the Library

C files calling Pm functions must include the header file Pm.h:
#include "Pm.h"
You must link to the libraries libPm.a and the math library libm.a with:
-lPm -lm
To find them, the search paths for the compiler and the linker must include the Pm installation directories, at the moment, that's
-I/u/formes/include -L/u/formes/lib/$(ARCH)

4.2   Building the Library

In the sub-directory src of the Pm project directory, say make to build the library, the tools, and the parser. These can be built individually in their respective sub-directories LibSrc, Tools, and Parser.

4.3   Testing

The library, the tools, and the parser can be tested in directory src/test. Say make to run various test cases.

4.4   Installation of the Library

By saying make install the header file, the SDIF type definitions, the library, and the programs are installed in /u/formes/include, /u/formes/lib, /u/formes/lib/$(ARCH), and /u/formes/bin/$(ARCH), respectively.

The installs can be initiated seperately with the targets install-incl, install-lib (includes the types file), and install-prog.

The installation root can be changed from /u/formes by setting the make-variable PREFIX:

make install PREFIX=/where/do/you/want/to/install/today 

4.5   Documentation

The documentation is generated in the doc sub-directory. The make targets are: tex, html, and cocoon, for the printable user documentation, its HTML version, and the internal programmer documentation, respectively.

Formatted and maintained by Diemo Schwarz --- last change
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