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Alain de Cheveigné

e-mail: cheveign@ircam.fr

phone: (33) (1) 44 78 48 46
fax: (33) (1) 44 78 15 40

My main research interests are in Hearing (pitch perception, auditory scene analysis) and Speech Processing (fundamental frequency estimation, voice separation). I belong to the Perception et Cognition Musicale group of the Ircam-CNRS joint research unit, affiliated to both Ircam and CNRS (my employer). Much of my work has been done in Japan, mainly at ATR's Human Information Processing Research Laboratories. The Hearnet network.

Here's a list of publications (with links to abstracts, PDF or PostScript). A page of CASA resources (in French). Conferences & Workshops I've been to, am going to, wish I went to, or wish I were going to... The PECA list of Hearing Resources on the web.

Radio Libre (PDF), a book that my father wrote about his experience during World War II as a clandestine radio operator (in French). A picture of my ancestor. Myself, cooking.

(En Français...) [PCM] [Unité Mixte] [Ircam] [CNRS] (local access: [~cheveign] [pcm] [iii])