The OM Composer's Book is a collection of essays about computer music composition written by composers. Each chapter provides the description of the musical work making use of "computer-aided composition" (CAC) tools, and more especifically of OpenMusic (OM), a visual programming environment for music composition developped by the Music Representations research group at IRCAM. Through the description of a personal compositional approach or a particular composition, the authors address a large diversity of problems related to symbolic computation techniques, data structures, discrete mathematics algorithms, and many other topics.

C. Agon, G. Assayag, J. Bresson (Eds.)
Collection Musique/Sciences
Editions Delatour France / Ircam - 2006
Preface by M. Puckette

Texts by M. Amoric, M. Battier, G. Bloch, K. Haddad, J. C. Hernández, J.-L. Hervé, J. Kretz, S. Lemouton, F. Lévy, P. Livorsi, M. Malt, P. Nauert, K. Nez, G. Nouno, H. Parra, L. A. Pena, O. Sandred, K. Sprotte, E. Thomazi-Freitas, F. Voisin.

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J. Bresson, C. Agon, G. Assayag (Eds.)
Collection Musique/Sciences
Editions Delatour France / Ircam - 2008
Preface by D. Cope

Texts by C. Agon, M. Andreatta, G. Assayag, A. Bancquart, E. Cipollone, E. Daubresse, S. Dubnov, K. Haddad, Ph. Hurel, C. Jaksjø, S. Lemouton, Ph. Leroux, P. Lindborg, G. Lorieux, C. Malherbe, M. Malt, S. Mawhinney, C. Melen, G. Nouno, L. Pottier, A. Schaathun, A. Sousa Dias, H. Tutschku, T. Tüzün.

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