Sound and Music Computing '04
October 20-22, Paris, France

Sound and Music Computing is an international conference supervised jointly by AIMI (Associazione Italiana di Informatica Musicale) and AFIM (Association Française d'Informatique Musicale). It aims at promoting exchanges between European countries around topics related to sound and music computing, and to give them an international dimension. Sound and Music Computing will be held in France on even years and in Italy on odd ones. The French edition will replace the JIM (Journées d'Informatique Musicale), previously organized by AFIM. The Italian edition will replace the CIM (Colloquium on Musical Informatics), a bi-annual conference previously organized by AIMI.
The first edition of Sound and Music Computing is organized by IRCAM. It will take place during the Ircam Resonances 2004 Festival, a ten days festival combining a great deal of conferences, workshops, open-doors, and concerts from Wednesday October 13th to Friday October 22nd, 2004.

A selection of papers will be published in a special edition of the Journal of New Music Research.
The conference's language is English.

The first day of the conference will be devoted to the theme : Improvisation With The Computer. It will consist of invited conferencers and workshops gathering musicians and researchers for the explanation and the demonstration of on-going projects. This is organised in collaboration with the Electronic Music Foundation.

The two other days will explore the usual topics in sound and music computing researches, with a particular flavor of interdisciplinary works (see the page Conference Topics.)