Analysis/Synthesis Team,
IRCAM 4 Janvier 96

13. Perform an Analysis

You perform an analysis. on a portion of a signal, i.e. a segments. If you try to analyse a Cursor. instead of a segment, you get the message:
'The selection in the view from which the analysis has to be done is not a segment'.

The selection which is analysed is in a view. that we call the 'Source View'. The view where you ask for an analysis and where the result is displayed is called the 'Destination view'.
It is the current active view of the current active Frame when you perform the analysis.
In order to perform an analysis , you use one of the items in the "Analysis" menu .

The analysis which is performed depends on the settings established with the "Analysis choice" menu. Analysis are done by calling routines in the UDI library.

The items in the "Analysis" menu are as follows.

-> Call UDI analysis on a chosen frame: This allows you to choose the frame which contains an active view (Source View) with the segment that you want to analyse.

-> Call UDI analysis on last created selection: This performs the analysis on the last selection that you made before.

-> Re-Do UDI analysis: Does again the same analysis as the previous in this destination view, using the same source view and the active selection in this source view.