Response data for 15 subjects

The files contain two kinds of lines: time-stamps and response entries. Time-stamps indicate the beginning and end of the session, and of any pauses. Occasionally there may occur a "start" stamp without a preceding "pause" stamp. This indicates that the machine crashed during the experiment, in which event the data file was checked and the session resumed after reboot. Time is indicated in date/time format, and also as seconds since Jan. 1, 1970.

Data lines indicate the nature of each stimulus, and the response made by the subject (one vowel or two). Fields numbered left-to-right are:

1: vowel 1 of stimulus pair
2: vowel 2 of stimulus pair
3: Hz - F0 of vowel 1
4: Hz - F0 of vowel 2
5: % - nominal dF0
6: dB - amplitude of vowel 2 relative to vowel 1
7: subject's response
8: serial number of stimulus