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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
bc.yinstats.c [code]
OMax.build.c [code]OMax.build external
OMax.data.c [code]OMax.data external code
OMax.data.h [code]OMax.data external structure
OMax.date2state.c [code]OMax.date2state external
OMax.learn.c [code]OMax.learn external
OMax.oracle.c [code]OMax.oracle external code
OMax.oracle.h [code]OMax.oracle external structure
OMax.read.c [code]OMax.read external
OMax.render.c [code]OMax.render external
OMax.SLT.c [code]OMax.SLT external
OMax.state2date.c [code]OMax.state2date external
Oracle_classes.cpp [code]Factor Oracle methodes
Oracle_classes.hpp [code]Factor Oracle prototypes
Oracle_data.hpp [code]Data Sequence prototypes & methodes
Oracle_label.cpp [code]Data Sequence states methodes
Oracle_label.hpp [code]Data Sequence states prototypes
Oracle_learn.hpp [code]FO and Data Sequence builder prototypes & methodes
stl_pair.h [code]STL definition of a pair

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