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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
bc_statelemStucture holding a statistics agent
O_charState of a letter sequence
O_dataData sequence class
O_labelGeneric state of a data sequence
O_learnerWriter in FO and Data structures
O_MIDI_monoState of a monophonic MIDI sequence
O_oracleFactor Oracle (FO) class
O_spectralState of a spectral sequence
O_stateFactor Oracle state class
std::pair< _T1, _T2 >Pair holds two objects of arbitrary type
t_bc_yinstatsBc.yinstats external
t_OMax_buildOMax.build external
t_OMax_dataOMax.data external
t_OMax_date2stateOMax.date2state external
t_OMax_learnOMax.learn external
t_OMax_oracleOMax.oracle external
t_OMax_readOMax.read external
t_OMax_renderOMax.render external
t_OMax_SLTOMax.SLT external
t_OMax_state2dateOMax.state2date external

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