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O_char Class Reference
[Data Sequence structure]

State of a letter sequence. More...

#include <Oracle_label.hpp>

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Protected Attributes

char letter
 Letter labelling the state.

Public Member Functions

Constructors & Destructors

 O_char ()
 Default constructor.
 O_char (char)
 Create a letter state from data.
 O_char (const O_char &)
 Copy constructor.
 ~O_char ()
 Standard destructor.
Set & Get

char get_letter ()
 Return the letter labelling the state.

Operators Overload

bool operator== (const O_char &) const
 Compare two states of a letter sequence.
ostream & operator<< (ostream &, const O_char &)
 Output the letter attribute on a standard stream.

Detailed Description

State of a letter sequence.

Definition at line 73 of file Oracle_label.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

O_char::O_char (  ) 

Default constructor.

Create a state with a whitespace as letter attribute

Calls the O_label default constructor

Definition at line 95 of file Oracle_label.cpp.

O_char::O_char ( char  charin  ) 

Create a letter state from data.

Create a state letter attribute set to charin

duration is set to 1

Definition at line 101 of file Oracle_label.cpp.

O_char::O_char ( const O_char ocharin  ) 

Copy constructor.

Calls the O_label copy constructor

Definition at line 109 of file Oracle_label.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool O_char::operator== ( const O_char other  )  const

Compare two states of a letter sequence.

The result of the comparison letter == other.letter (as char)

Definition at line 119 of file Oracle_label.cpp.

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