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t_OMax_read Struct Reference
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OMax.read external. More...

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Public Attributes

t_object ob
 Pointer to the object itself.
t_symbol * oname
 Pointer to FO name.
bool obound
 Binding flag.
 Pointer to FO structure.
void * out_statenb
 Outlet 0 (leftmost): state number.
void * out_trans
 Outlet 1: transitions.
void * out_suff
 Outlet 2: suffix & lrs.
void * out_rsuff
 Outlet 3: reverse suffix with lrs.
void * out_bang
 Outlet 4: bang when done.

Standard Max5 methodes

void * OMax_read_new (t_symbol *s, long argc, t_atom *argv)
 Object instantiation.
void OMax_read_free (t_OMax_read *x)
 Object destruction.
void OMax_read_assist (t_OMax_read *x, void *b, long io, long index, char *s)
 Inlet/Outlet contextual information when patching in Max5.

Internal routines

bool OMax_read_bind (t_OMax_read *x)
 Bind the reader with FO.

Input/Output routines

void OMax_read_setname (t_OMax_read *x, t_symbol *s)
 Changes the OMax.oracle object to read.
void OMax_read_read (t_OMax_read *x, long statnb)
 Output all the information of a state.

Detailed Description

OMax.read external.

This externals allows to read an FO structure (implemented with the external OMax.oracle ) in Max5

Definition at line 29 of file OMax.read.c.

Member Function Documentation

bool OMax_read_bind ( t_OMax_read x  ) 

Bind the reader with FO.

Do this binding only once

Check if FO name points to an existing OMax.oracle object. If so, set t_OMax_read::oracle to point to the FO structure (t_OMax_oracle::oracle member)

Definition at line 178 of file OMax.read.c.

void * OMax_read_new ( t_symbol *  s,
long  argc,
t_atom *  argv 

Object instantiation.

Check first argument of the Max5 object for a FO name

Definition at line 92 of file OMax.read.c.

void OMax_read_read ( t_OMax_read x,
long  statnb 

Output all the information of a state.

Input message in Max5: a state number (int)

Definition at line 216 of file OMax.read.c.

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void OMax_read_setname ( t_OMax_read x,
t_symbol *  s 

Changes the OMax.oracle object to read.

Input message in Max5: set followed by the name of an existing 0Max.oracle object to read

Definition at line 206 of file OMax.read.c.

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